Who to Call

As a NADL-Certified Dental Laboratory, D&S Dental Laboratory’s staff call on a wealth of information and experience on every case. We’re also available for consultation or with answers about materials and general lab processes, and always make time to help our doctors. For help with specific questions, we encourage you to directly contact our team members.

D&S Dental Laboratory Headquarters

P. 800.236.3859 / F. 608.849.7500

Pete Derauf, CDT

Randy Stifter, CDT
Kate Seidel, CDT

Annalea Bauer, CDT

Don Statz

Jenna Pruess

Skylar Ziegler

Joel Jennings

Matthew Beardsley

Our Satellite Labs

Lorrie – 800.747.4668

Stacy or Dave – 414-546-3040

Tracy – 800-362-3340

Devyn – 800-591-7964

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