Atlantis Suprastructures

D&S Dental Laboratory offers a full-range of Atlantis suprastructures for fixed and removable prosthetic solutions – for all major implant systems.

Benefits of Atlantis Suprastructures include:

Benefits of Atlantis Suprastructures include:
• Precise, tension-free fit
• Comprehensive 10-year warranty*
• Wide flexibility in therapy and design for partially- and fully-edentulous patients
*Terms and conditions apply


Atlantis Bridge – available in titanium and cobalt–chrome – is indicated for fixed prosthetics and provides a full-anatomical base for ceramic or composite layering techniques. The final restoration is screw-retained.

Atlantis Hybrid – available in titanium and cobalt–chrome – is indicated for fixed prosthetics and provides a surface with retention elements to be completed with prefabricated teeth and denture resin. The final restoration is screw-retained.

Atlantis bar — Intended for removable prosthesis on standard or custom bars. An extensive library of attachment provisions and bar profiles is available. Made by milling.

Atlantis 2 in 1 (bridge and hybrid) Intended for removable prosthesis. The primary structure is a custom bar and the secondary structure can either be a bridge or a hybrid. The secondary structures are suitable for acrylic layering (bridge) or using acrylic denture teeth with individual support for each tooth (hybrid). Made by milling.

Better Esthetics and Easier Handling
Angling the screw access channel allows the screw access hole to be optimally positioned, improving the function and esthetics of the Atlantis Bridge and Atlantis Hybrid restoration. The channel can be angled up to 30 degrees off the implant/abutment axis.

Every connection with angulated access is supplied with a specially designed Atlantis suprastructure prosthetic screw. Accompanying the screw(s) is a hexalobular screwdriver that simplifies engagement and ensures insertion and rotational forces are applied perpendicularly to the screw axis.

Atlantis patient-specific prosthetic solutions come with an exclusive and industry-leading comprehensive warranty program (subject to terms and conditions of the Atlantis warranty).

For more information on suprastructures, contact our D&S Implant Team, which is overseen by three Certified Dental Technicians with more than 50 years combined experience. Our team is ready to consult on your most difficult cases and can walk you through the entire process.