Clinician’s Perspective: Clear Aligner Case

I was delighted when D&S ventured into providing aligners for orthodontic therapy! I have used several aligners over the years and have noticed advancements. However, this system is a great step forward. Here is the story of my first case.

I was asked to help straighten a relapse case. The patient was anxious to improve his smile and function. The initial record taking was straightforward and without a hitch. I use D&S regularly with digital scans, and the orthodontic records used the same platform. After the initial records were submitted, a treatment plan was presented, which included time for treatment, alternatives options and a thorough analysis of the occlusion. After I reviewed the proposal, I verified the treatment plan with the patient and the decision was “YES” to move forward.

With the first aligner, we needed several attachments. The attachment trays were straightforward and easy to use. The attachments appear to be well designed for function. They also allow for easy tray insertion of the patient. I noted that areas of concern for tooth movement were well planned for. Upon insertion of the aligners, the patient was pleased with the fit, which was snug with no sharp edges and comfortable. I was able to engage the attachments easily and thoroughly, and both the patient and I were pleased.

I always see the patient for the next tray to check progress. The patient was pleased with the comfort and lack of sore teeth. He noted that teeth were moving, and the trays exceeded his  expectations. Upon insertion of the second tray, all the aligners seated fully, the attachments fit, and there was no discomfort for the patient.

The aligner trays seem to provide appropriate force without discomfort for the patient and last the two weeks allotted per aligner. Simply wonderful.

This case is still in process, and the results are pleasing. The support of D&S throughout the case is outstanding. When I have a question, D&S provides the answers to keep the case smoothly progressing. I enjoy knowing that support is available when needed.

I look forward to future cases with Argen Clear Aligners through D&S Dental Laboratory.

Dr. Fred Jaeger, Hilldate Dental, Madison, WI