Consultation and Chairside Assistance

Our staff of specialized Certified Dental Technicians are always available for telephone consultations for successful case planning. We can also set up a GoToMeeting to ensure successful outcomes on your most difficult cases. Our CDTs also can visit practices to support clinicians in the operatory, putting a wealth of technical knowhow and practical experience at your fingertips when you need it most.

CE Seminars and Newsletter
Because materials and technologies are always evolving, we provide seminars and continuing education opportunities to keep our partner doctors on the forefront of the industry. Visit for the CE calendar. We also publish a quarterly newsletter with product updates, Technician Tips and upcoming seminars.

Shade Taking
Accurate shade taking can mean the difference between a perfectly lifelike restoration and an unhappy patient. Custom shade taking appointments are available at our lab locations during normal working hours. We ask that patients schedule their appointments with us in advance to simplify the process. See our webpage for shade taking tips and an appointment sheet for our Waunakee lab.

Crown Tattoos
Crown tattoos have grown in popularity over the years. D&S Dental Laboratory is privileged to have Brian Sperry, an extremely skilled ceramist, on staff who has more than 20 years of experience. Brian creates all our crown tattoos and his artwork has made him well-known throughout the industry. Visit our webpage to see some of his impressive designs.

Lunch and Learns
Looking for a way to add value to your staff meeting or merely searching for an affordable way to improve your staff’s knowledge base? D&S Dental Laboratory’s Lunch & Learns are the perfect solution. Our veteran technicians provide workshops on any topic related to restorative dentistry, from restorative options and implant timing to lab communication or the benefits of digital impression systems. Our Lunch & Learn topics are completely customizable to your office needs and include sandwiches for your entire staff.

Implant Tool Library
Doctors no longer need to invest in implant tools they rarely use with D&S Dental Laboratory’s Implant Tool Library. For a nominal cost, we include the corresponding tool with your implant case. Our stock of implant wrenches includes tools for nearly every major implant system.

CEREC Design or Mill Services
Get the most out of your CEREC chairside scanner when you partner with D&S. We offer the following CEREC services for times when you may need assistance:
– Digital contour services: Rely on our expertise to digitally contour the ideal restoration from your scans. Our team can quickly and efficiently push back digital crowns for your in-office mill to fabricate.
– Milling services: Let D&S digitally contour and fabricate your restoration with any one of our nine crown choices, freeing up you and your staff for chairside appointments.

Lab Tours
We love giving tours! Schedule a visit to view each of our departments, meet the technicians that handle your cases, witness the restorative process and watch our industry-leading technology (3D printers, mills, design stations) in action. A better understanding of laboratory procedures leads to better restorations for your patients. Call us to schedule a tour for yourself or your dental practice.

Study Club and Association Presentations
We’re always honored to provide guest speakers for events at your locations. Our CDTs draw on a wealth of practical experience and clinical knowledge to tailor a presentation to your study club or association’s needs, be it topics as wide ranging as restorative options and new products to the impact advancements in technology have on the restorative process.

Call us at 800.236.3859.