D&S Comfort Splints and Nightguards

Whether your patient is a heavy bruxer or needs to protect restorations, our new D&S Comfort splints/nightguards have the same comfort of a dual laminate splint with less bulk and more durability. Made from KeySplint Soft clear resin on a Carbon printer, these nightguards are less expensive than a traditional or milled splint. And because they are CAD/CAM-fabricated, a digital record is retained for easy reprints, which are half price for six months after the original appliance delivery.

Be sure to write D&S Comfort Splint or Nightguard on your RX form.

Common Questions

Can the technician build an anterior ramp for canine guidance? Yes

Can we specify the thickness of the nightguard, or do they all come standard thickness? Yes, you can specify. 3mm is the ideal thickness.

Can you design a Tanner Splint with this product? Yes

Is it still a 4-day turnaround with a traditional impression? Yes

Do you ever have requests to make the nightguard occlusion in CR position? If so, how do you recommend we take the bite registration? However you would normally capture the bite in the analog world will work for digital

How do digital records and reprints work? Once your restoration is designed, the lab saves it as an SDL file with the doctor and patient name. We simply pull up the file and reprint it.

Can you make an NTI type splint but with full coverage, only occluding in the anterior? How would you record the protrusive bite with a digital workflow? Yes, you would take a centric bite registration and provide us a measurement of how far protrusively you want the ramp built.

On-Demand Webinar

To learn more about the D&S Comfort Splints and how they are fabricated, watch the one-hour webinar. Complete the quiz and receive 1 Hour CE Credit. Go to www.dnsdental.com and select Products>Appliances> Nightguards & Splints. Select the On-Demand Webinar link.