D&S Offers Printed Dentures

D&S Dental Laboratory is once again on the cutting edge of technology, being one of the first labs in Wisconsin to be a Certified Lucitone Print Laboratory, which means we can 3D print your next denture. We also have the Ivoclar Dental system to mill dentures.

Doctors do not need to change their clinical procedures to prescribe a denture be digitally fabricated – the denture can be CAD designed from a traditional impression and jaw relation record sent to the lab.

Why choose a printed denture?

Better fit — The denture is CAD designed and produced for a precise fit and uniform thickness.

Fewer patient appointments — The traditional custom tray and occlusal rim visits are combined, saving patients one entire appointment.

Similar material strength and quality as a traditional denture — Lucitone digital denture resin exceeds ISO high-impact and flexural strength standards and Body Activated Material responds to body temperature to increase strength two-fold. The denture resin is available in five Lucitone shades. The IPN digital denture teeth boast exceptional wear resistance, providing superb durability and excellent stain resistance

Digital record is kept on-file for easy denture replacement — If the patient loses or damages their denture, it can quickly be reproduced from the digital file with no need for a new impression.

To try a digital denture case, select Digital Denture on the D&S RX form. Visit www.dnsdental.com/Lucitoneguide for a Clinical Guide on impression taking. Please note that impressions require ALL key anatomical landmarks be captured in order for proper digital design.

Questions? Contact us at 800.236.3859.

The Lucitone Digital Print Denture system comes from industry leaders Dentsply Sirona and Carbon. The dentures are fabricated from materials you know and trust from Dentsply – Lucitone resin and IPN teeth, which have been specifically designed for digital use – and printed using Carbon’s ground-breaking Digital Light Synthesis™ technology. The digital workflow results in high accuracy for precise fit and better retention and adaptation to anatomy.