Guides Available

D&S Dental Laboratory strives to be more than just a product provider. We want to be a trusted advisor and resource for our dental clients, helping you learn about new materials and technology. To that end, we’ve recently put together a few informational guides for easy reference.

First up is our Zirconia Guide, which can be found at With a multitude of Zirconia products on the zirconia market, it is easy to be confused by all the choices. This guide is a printable pdf that shows you how to select the right Zirconia product from our lab and how to properly prep and bond it. You’ll see what we recommend for anterior and posterior cases as well as an all-around zirconia choice that can be used in either situation.

Next we have a guide on Complete Denture Choices, found at This handy chart compares our economy, premium and new 3D-printed complete dentures. Learn how quality, strength, teeth, warranty and more stack up for each product. We recommend trying our new Lucitone Print Dentures. They fit better and are stronger than a traditional denture without sacrificing esthetics.

Last, you can check out our Splint/Nightguard Options at This chart explains the difference between our Hard, Dual Laminate and new Comfort Soft splints. Our newest option, the Comfort Soft splint, is produced from KeySplint Soft resin printed on the Carbon printer. It boasts the comfort of a dual laminate but with less bulk and more durability. Comfort Soft splints can be easily reprinted from the digital record.

For more information on any of our products, you can download our Service and Product Catalog ( from our website or contact us to mail you one. The catalog shares product features, indications/contraindications, prep instructions and chairside instructions for our main products.