New Default Denture Teeth

D&S Dental Laboratory recently started using Kulzer Pala Mondial denture teeth as our default denture teeth (teeth used if not specified otherwise) due to inventory issues with Dentsply Sirona teeth. There are lengthy backlogs for Dentsply Portrait IPN teeth, and their Bioform and Bioblend teeth have been discontinued altogether.

Rest assured, we are not sacrificing quality for convenience or availability. The quality and durability of the Kulzer teeth are very similar to Portrait IPN teeth, and prices are identical.

We ask that doctors reference the Kulzer shade guide when prescribing full and partial denture cases with us. Please note that most crown and bridge shades DO NOT convert to denture teeth shades. For best results, we strongly recommend you use the Kulzer denture shade guide to determine shades for denture teeth.

D&S has sent out Kulzer shade guides to many of its regular denture clients. It you need a shade guide, please contact Joleen at 800.236.3859. Technical questions about the denture teeth can be directed to Anna or Dennis in Removables.

Here is information from Kulzer’s website:

Pala Mondial is the proven denture tooth that meets all requirements of modern dental technology. It was the first to introduce Flexecure® material guaranteeing the highest abrasion resistance.

Mondial teeth exhibit lifelike and vivid surface structures matching the basic tooth form and harmonize with residual dentition.

Our Pala Mix & Match principle allows you the option of combining Mondial i with Mondial to offer customized professional results. Offering the flexibility to utilize Mondial i anteriors with Mondial posteriors allows you to cater to individual requirements and provide patients with precision dentures. With Pala Mix & Match, you can cover all indications.

CAD/CAM combines digital design with production giving Mondial i teeth functional precision, identical tooth pairs and dimensional consistency. In other words, the teeth fit together for perfect intersupation every time. Kulzer’s INCOMP process results in life-like multi-layering, dependable shade values and increased tooth density.

Benefits at a glance:

Pala Mix & Match – maximum flexibility to fabricate individualized prosthetics with Mondial i
Natural, lifelike tooth anatomy
Functional precision from CAD/CAM digital design and production
Life-like multi-layering and consistent shades from INCOMP process
Resistant to fracture, abrasion and plaque due to Flexecure®