New HIPAA-Compliant Photos Uploader

Sending patient case photos through regular email is not HIPAA compliant. That’s why D&S Dental Laboratory now offers a Photos Uploader for you to submit case photos to our lab. All files are encrypted when uploaded.

You simply need to enter the doctor name, email, patient name and restoration department – fixed, implant or removable/appliances. Photos are then routed to the correct department in the lab.

Even if your office has an encrypted email provider (like Securence, Zix, DataMotion, Barracuda, etc.), we ask that you send case photos through our Photos Uploader for several reasons.

First, single password sign-in is difficult on our end when we have numerous technicians who may require access to your photos.
Second, the Uploader will route photos to the proper department and requires standard information (doctor name, patient name) on every case for quicker retrieval in the lab.
Our website also features an encrypted File Uploader, which should only be used for STL files or other file types (DiComm, PLY, OBJ, etc.). Typically, these are used if offices are submitting their own design files to the lab.

Doctors should begin using the Photos Uploader immediately and no longer send via email to [email protected]. This mailbox will eventually be retired.

Note: If you have a ShadeWave account, your photo submissions are already encrypted for HIPAA-compliant transmission.

To send photos, go to (bookmark this page for easy access) or select the Send Photos icon from the top of our website.

D&S encourages you to send case photos whenever possible!

Take Better Shade Photos

  • Take the photo with any A2 or D3 shade tab showing, then let us know which Shade Guide you’re using.
  • Reduce reflections in the middle of the shade tab or teeth by closing blinds on large windows or turning your dental chair away from direct window light.
  • Raise your dental chair to its maximum height. You want to be at or near the same height as your patient.
  • Take photos of the tooth you’re matching, not missing teeth or temporaries.
  • Use cheek retractors — wingless metal are better than plastic ones.
  • Show 6-8 teeth in the photo. Also take a full-face photo for the ceramist.

Learn how to take photos on your iPhone with ShadeWave Mobile at