New Shade Taking Solution

D&S Dental Laboratory is partnering with ShadeWave, a digital shade-taking software, to deliver more accurate and consistent shades for your patients. Photos are digitally analyzed, color corrected and accurately mapped. ShadeWave’s mobile app takes over iPhone settings making SmartPhones the new, preferred choice for shade photos. No more sending patients to the lab or guessing on shade matches.

Your dental practice can take more accurate shades using ShadeWave in one of three ways. The iPhone is highly recommended for best results and the convenience of using your own iPhone!

Take photos on your iPhone (recommend iPhone 8 or newer) and submit them directly to the lab. Your phone does not store the photos and the submission is HIPAA compliant and protects patient information.
– To get started, purchase a license and download the Shadewave app. Licenses are just $99 for the first year. Use promo code SLC_D&S Lab. Case fees also apply.
– The mobile app features hands-free voice control. Simply say “snap” to take the photo and “upload” to send the case to the lab.

If you prefer to use the digital camera you already own, you can purchase a $100 annual ShadeWave license, which allows you to submit your photos to our lab from your desktop. This will speed up processing. Case fees also apply.

You can continue to email your shade photos to D&S at [email protected]. We will consult with you if we think we should manually upload them into Shadewave for the case fee.

Case Fees:

Photos processed using ShadeWave technology cost $12 per case — HALF the price of in-lab custom shades. Get your first 15 cases at no charge, a savings of $180 (only applies to those who purchase ShadeWave license).

ShadeWave site
ShadeWave Mobile flyer
Shade Taking Check list
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Mobile Manual
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Questions? Contact Peter J. Derauf at 800.236.3859.