On The Road To Recovery: How The Lab Can Help

As we all seek to recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19, we look for ways to reduce costs, gain efficiencies and learn how to do things better. Here are some ways the lab may be able to help your practice on its road to recovery.

Digital Workflow

Digital workflows are more efficient for both the lab and dental practices. Doctors who are submitting intraoral scans experience more accurate restorations and fewer remakes.

While there are significant upfront costs and training time for intraoral scanners, they eventually save time and impression material costs. Many practices say they can take an impression in 1-2 minutes once they feel comfortable with the scanner.

Value Products

At D&S, we pride ourselves on the depth of our product offerings and the full range of price points we have available.

We offer a $79 monolithic zirconia crown, the ZR-V, that is fabricated in-house. All our products are American-made — we do not outsource overseas.

We offer an economy denture and our new printed dentures are roughly $140 less than traditionally made dentures (plus your patient can skip at least one appointment). Our implant pricing is extremely competitive with patient-specific Titanium or Zirconia abutment packages — which include soft tissue model, abutment and ZR crown — starting at less than $500 (excludes analog).


Practices that pay their statement by check by the 10th of the month receive a 3 percent discount on the current statement. We also offer $10 off with every digital impression submitted (only valid on D&S lab-printed models and cases involving more than model work only) and $50 or $100 lab credit if you submit 20 plus or 40 or more digital cases in one month.

Online resources

D&S Dental Laboratory knows how important continuous learning is in the dental industry. We strive to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and material changes and share our insights with clients. We have a number of helpful tip sheets on our website under Resources>Resource Sheets.

Some of the most popular resources are: