Printed Dentures Myths & Facts

D&S Dental Laboratory hosted a Printed Dentures webinar on September 25, with Dr. Stephen Wagner. The webinar highlighted the revolutionary printed denture workflow using materials from Dentsply and technology from Carbon. D&S is fabricating more and more printed dentures these days, but there are still quite a few misconceptions about digital dentures, which we’d like to address.

MYTH: You must submit a digital impression from an intraoral scanner to have a printed denture fabricated.
FACT: All doctors need to send the lab is a traditional impression and jaw relation record to have a printed denture fabricated.

MYTH: Printed dentures don’t look as natural as traditional dentures.
FACT: Printed dentures look just as natural as traditional ones. We use Dentsply’s Lucitone denture resin and IPN-inspired denture teeth combined with Carbon’s 3D print technology for unprecedented esthetics.

MYTH: Printed dentures are not as strong as traditional dentures.
FACT: Lucitone digital print resin exceeds ISO requirements for materials with improved impact resistance. They also feature body-activated material that responds to body temperature to increase strength two-fold while being worn.

MYTH: You can’t easily reline or repair printed dentures.
FACT: We are able to reline a printed denture. When it comes to a lost or damaged denture, we can simply reprint from the permanent digital record you have on file with us.

For more information on D&S printed dentures, contact Joel Jennings at 800.236.3859 or [email protected]. You can also visit > Products > Removables > Print Dentures.

Three Reason to Try Printed Dentures

Doctors can save patients 1 or 2 appointments by prescribing printed dentures! (Two appointments eliminated if working from an existing denture.)

Patients can wear printed denture try-ins home to test how they look and feel.

Doctors only need to send a traditional impression and jaw relation record to get the printed denture process started. Digital dentures DO NOT require digital impressions!