Seth Fedie Becomes CDT

Congratulations to Denture Technician Seth Fedie for recently earning his Certified Dental Technician (CDT) designation in Complete Dentures from the National Board of Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology.

The CDT designation is the highest professional achievement in our field and demonstrates a significant mastery of the knowledge and applied skills needed in dental technology. CDTs are highly desirable to laboratories, and having this certification often provides advancement opportunities.

CDTs must successfully complete three examinations, taken in any order, within a four-year period: a written Comprehensive Exam, a written Specialty Exam, and a hands-on Practical Exam in the same specialty. A CDT must demonstrate their knowledge in all six specialty areas: Complete Dentures, Partial Dentures, Crown and Bridge, Ceramics, Orthodontics, and Implants.Employees must work at least five years in the dental laboratory field before applying to take the CDT exam.

Seth has been with D&S Dental Laboratory since 2013. He worked in a lab in Eau Claire before coming here. He primarily handles denture finishing and relines and repairs, but has also worked in both fixed and removable model rooms in the past. Seth said he took the two written tests last year and then completed the practical exam this summer. His advice to others is don’t wait too long to study and recognize that the comprehensive exam is very broad — be sure to study the NADL and Air Force materials for that exam.

D&S has one dozen CDTs on staff: Dennis McPherson, Steve Daggett, Peter Derauf, Randy Stifter, Carlos Barberena, Elizabeth Vandenberg, Dave Koeferl, Kate Seidel, Annalea Bauer, Lori Gregory, Leif Hansen and now Seth Fedie. Visit to learn more about
becoming a CDT. Our lab has also been an exam host site the past two years.

Again, congratulations to Seth and all our CDTs for their commitment to continuous education in our industry, which continues to change at a rapid pace.