Technician’s Tip: Dentures

Denture Teeth

We routinely call doctors to ask about denture teeth selections. If you include this information upfront, you can avoid follow up calls and delays.

– When making selections, it’s helpful to stay in the same mould/tooth/shade family (e.g., Portrait or Bioform), but be aware that not all moulds are available in all shade systems.
– Be sure to write the tooth shade on the prescription and make sure the mould comes in the shade you want (see above).
– 3D shade guides are often used for crown and bridge products, but if provided to the lab for removable products, have to be converted to denture tooth shades, which don’t always convert directly. So we tell doctors to avoid using 3D shades for denture teeth.
– Let us know if you need us to send you a tooth catalog – Portrait IPN, Classic and Blueline. We have extras on hand. You can also find them on our website under Resources>Resource Sheets>Dentures.

Denture Appliance

Always note on the prescription what kind of final appliance will be made no matter what stage in the process you are prescribing. If you’re sending in an RX for a denture set up, tell us if it will be for a full denture or a partial denture with metal framework or a non-metal framework like Duraflex or Ultaire AKP. The end product will make a difference in how we approach the set up.

Denture Repair

Use polyvinyl rather than alginate when taking an impression for a denture repair. The alginate material moves too much.

Feel free to call our Removables Team with any questions at 800.236.3859. For denture or ortho questions, call Lori Gregory, Certified Dental Technician (CDT). For framework or night/mouth guard questions, call Anna Bauer, Certified Dental Technician (CDT). General questions can also be directed to Removables Manager Dennis McPherson, CDT.