Technician’s Tip: Note Implant Brand in Digital RX

If you are sending a digital impression for an implant case, please indicate the implant brand and size in the notes section of the digital RX. Previously, when a traditional impression was sent, the implant department could look at the impression coping and determine the implant brand and size. However, with a digital impression, the implants team can only see the type of intraoral scan body used, e.g., Atlantis, Nobel, Straumann, not the type or size of the actual implant. This information is needed to start the case, otherwise we will need to call and ask, which could delay your case so be sure to enter the implant brand and size in the “notes” section of the digital RX form.


Also, we continue to get questions about the implant brands with which we work at D&S. We work with all the major implant manufacturers. The most popular brands are Astra, Straumann, Zimmer and Nobel Biocare, but we also do Implant Direct, Hiossen, Biohorizons, and many more. Call our implants team with any questions.