Technician Tip: Fill in RX Form Completely

Doctors are reminded to fill in the prescription form as completely as possible and don’t be afraid to add or attach additional notes. Be sure you don’t forget to include the following four pieces of information, which are routinely missing from the RX. When information is missing, we have to call your office and interrupt your day, and it will delay the start of work on your case.

TOOTH SHADE – Please include the tooth shade. For denture teeth, be sure you’re using the Kulzer shade guide as Kulzer teeth are our default teeth unless you specify otherwise. Contact us if you need a Kulzer shade guide. Crown and bridge shade guides do NOT convert to denture teeth.

RETURN DATE – Make sure to include your desired return date and check that it aligns with our turnaround times, which can be found at Also be aware that like all businesses, we are experiencing UPS shipping delays so it is best to add in extra days for shipping when scheduling patients and return dates.

FINAL REMOVABLE PRODUCT – If you’re just prescribing the custom tray, baseplate, bite rim, etc., be sure you include what the final removable appliance will be. This will make a difference in how the lab approaches the fabrication. We need to know the final end product as it will impact how we handle the case from the start.

IMPLANT BRAND & SIZE – If you’re submitting a digital impression and digital RX for an implant case, be sure to put in the notes section what implant brand and size is desired. We can’t tell this from the scan body in the digital impression. When you send a traditional impression, we can determine it from the impression coping. This is NOT the case with a digital impression.

If you have any questions, please call our laboratory. A copy of our prescription can be found on our website We can also mail you a carbon copy pad of RX forms.