Technician’s Tips: Impressions for Implants and Digital Diagnostic Wax Ups

Technician’s Tip: Don’t mix and match impression types for implants

When sending in upper and lower impressions for implant cases, it is beneficial to us that they are the same: either both quadrant or both full arch impressions. If you mix and match a quadrant with full arch impression, articulation may be compromised. However, quadrant impressions are OK for single or double posterior implants with adjacent natural teeth. For all other implant cases and all bridges, full arch impressions are recommended.

See the photos on page 4 of our newsletter. These photos are a perfect example of what not to do.

These are screen shots of scans taken at the lab from traditional impressions for an implant case. It is a quadrant lower impression with a full upper impression. No tooth information was provided. We’re assuming this is for #20, but there is room for a full molar. A full idea of the symmetry of the arch could inform our design strategy.

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Technician’s Tip: Digital Diagnostic Wax Up

How would you like to SAVE 50% on your Diagnostic Wax Ups? Our digital wax ups are half the price of traditional hand wax ups. Other benefits of digital wax ups include:

  • A printed model of the final design that can be used to make splints or other appliances without duplication.
  • A design proposal can be emailed to you before the case is completed and changes can be made “ on the fly” which saves time.
  • Your original model will be returned to you untouched to be used side-by-side with the digital model for better patient acceptance.
  • There is no wax to break off or melt during handling.

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Digital Diagnostic Wax Ups … Better – Faster – Half Price – Greater Patient Acceptance

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