Technician’s Tips: Shade Matching and iTero Scans

Get Better Shade Matches

Shade matching is the No. 1 challenge doctors face with Zirconia restorations. You can solve this problem by sending us a shade photo, like the one above, showing any A2 and D3 shade tab. Just let us know which Shade Guide you are using and we can process it through our ShadeWave system for accurate mapping of the shades. We’ve seen immediate improvements in shade matches when offices follow these simple steps. Remember to submit your shade photos through our HIPAA-compliant Photos Uploader at

Enter Due Date in iTero Notes

When completing the digital RX in an iTero intraoral scanner, it appears the due date auto-populates to be two weeks from the date of entry, and the system does not allow you to manually change this date. To avoid confusion, you must enter the actual date when you need the case back in the Notes section on the digital RX. This “glitch” in the system has been causing a lot of confusion and scheduling issues. We have been told that iTero is working on fixing this issue, but at the time of publication, it hadn’t been resolved. Also, be sure to include the product choice, shade and any other special instructions in the Notes section. Scanners use “generic” product names that don’t necessarily line up with the lab’s product names, so you’ll want to list specific product names in the Notes section.