Your Next Complete Denture May Be A Digital One

The next time you prescribe a complete denture from D&S Dental Laboratory, it may be fabricated using a digital workflow. Due to the many benefits and efficiencies of digital dentures, D&S Dental Laboratory will be proactively selecting complete denture cases that are ideal for digital production.

Because of the volume of cases we handle, we cannot call on every case when this occurs. Instead, you will receive a mono-block try-in if your case is going digital. You’ll also likely notice on the invoice that with digital dentures you are charged upfront at try-in for the full denture. Keep in mind, digital dentures are significantly less expensive than traditional ones.

D&S Dental Laboratory is a certified Lucitone Digital Print Laboratory and believes the new technology – Lucitone resin base printed on a Carbon 3D printer and fused to carded, milled, or printed teeth — renders a superior product. Not only does a digital denture offer a better fit, but it provides a digital record for easy replacement if the denture is lost or damaged.

Digital Try-In
Like traditional try-ins, you can grind and take a wash impression inside the try-in, but you cannot manually reposition the teeth. Instead, you note any adjustments on the try-in checklist that comes with the case or mark the try-in with Sharpie marker. See Try-In Checklist at

Digital Care & Cleaning
Care and cleaning for Lucitone digital dentures is also different than traditional dentures. Patients should not store digital dentures in water, mouthwash or an overnight cleaning solution. Store dry in a container. Patients can brush their digital denture with a soft bristle toothbrush using a mild soap like Ivory. They can also use popular denture cleansers like Polident or Efferdent – just don’t soak the denture overnight in the cleaning solution or in water. Like traditional dentures, avoid hot or boiling water as this may warp the digital denture. Patient Care and Cleaning Instructions will be included with each Lucitone digital denture case.

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