Clear Aligners

Our pricing is 20% less than the leading provider with quicker turnaround!

Argen Clear Aligners are a comfortable, affordable and effective way to straighten teeth. The aligners can be used to treat anterior and premolar movements like crowding, spacing, midline shift, overbite and open bite. Made from a stain-resistant, premium thermoformed plastic material, the aligners are engineered for precise fit, ongoing force retention and exceptional durability. A patient guide and care kit is included in every package.

Lab Time: 4 days for design; 7 days for fabrication after design approval

Treatment Packages
Tier 1 – 2-14 trays     $724.00
Tier 2 – 16-20 trays   $986.00
Tier 3 – 22-28 trays   $1,312.50
Tier 4 – 30-40 trays   $1,728.50
Tier 5 Unlimited 42-60 trays   $1,920.00

Pricing includes set up, initial design and redesign(s), one refinement to add stages if needed (or retainer scan/design), attachment templates if needed and initial retainer.

If doctor/patient decide not to move forward with treatment plan, you will be charged $79 for design. 

Recommended Workflow

  • Create your 3Shape Communicate account at and Add Connection to D&S by searching [email protected]. All you need is an email to set up the account. Call Joel Jennings for assistance if needed.
  • Submit your RX and case details through your 3Shape Communicate account to D&S Dental Laboratory.
  • Send full upper and lower impressions and bite registration (traditional and digital impressions accepted)
  • Your case will be reviewed and a treatment plan/design will be customized for your patient.
  • Review the suggested treatment plan/design in your 3Shape Communicate account. You will have the option to approve it or request changes.
  • Aligners will arrive in your office approximately one week after you approve the treatment plan/design.


Case Submission

3Shape Communicate Account — We strongly recommend doctors set up an account in 3Shape Communicate for case submission, treatment review and approval. See video links below. For doctors who do not have a Trios scanner, you simply need an email address to set up the account.

  1. Link for Trios/3Shape User (have Trios scanner – you must add a separate connection for aligners – search D&S under [email protected])
  2. Link for Other User (have scanner other than Trios scanner or will send traditional impression) Note: this video tells you to enter “lab name clear aligners” as account name and lab as account type. This is incorrect. Enter your practice name as the account and practice as account type. Search for D&S under [email protected].

3Shape Communicate documents:


Send to D&S Dental — If you do not set up a 3Shape Communicate account, send the following items to the lab or email them to [email protected].



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