Nightguards and Splints


Whether your patient is a heavy bruxer or needs to protect restorations, our new D&S Comfort splints/nightguards have the same comfort of a dual laminate splint with less bulk and more durability. Made from KeySplint Soft clear resin on a Carbon printer, these nightguards are less expensive than a traditional or milled splint.

Benefits of the 3D-printed splints/nightguards:

  • Strong and flexible; not brittle
  • Translucent
  • Abrasion and fracture resistant
  • Easily cleaned by the patient – See Care & Cleaning Instructions
  • Digital record for easy reprints
  • Reprints half price for six months after original appliance delivery
  • 4 Day turnaround


On-Demand Webinar: Carbon Printed Nightguards (CE Credit: 1 Hour)

Common Questions About D&S Comfort Splints

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