D&S Offers Clear Aligners

Now your patients can have the smile they’ve always wanted at a price you feel good about. D&S Dental Laboratory is offering Argen clear aligners, an affordable, comfortable and effective way to straighten teeth. They are made from FDA-cleared, premium material, and are expertly manufactured in the USA. Treatment plans are customized to your patient’s unique smile, so they get results in as short a time as possible.

These clear aligners are perfect for mild to moderate movements like crowding, spacing, midline shift, overbite and open bite.

Patients receive a package that includes everything they need on their journey to a perfect smile –clear aligners in clearly marked baggies so patients know the correct order in which to wear them;
a patient guide explaining proper use and care of the aligners; and a care kit with tools to help your patient remove and store their aligners safely.

Recommended Workflow
1. Create your 3Shape Communicate account at portal.3shapecommunicate.com and Add Connection to D&S by searching [email protected]. All you need is an email to set up the account. Call Joel Jennings for assistance.
2. Submit your RX and case details through your 3Shape Communicate account to D&S Dental Laboratory.
3. Send full upper and lower impressions and bite registration (traditional and digital impressions accepted).
4. Your case will be reviewed and a treatment plan/design will be customized for your patient.
5. Review the suggested treatment plan/design in your 3Shape Communicate account. You will have the option to approve it or request changes.
6. Aligners will arrive in your office approximately one week after you approve the treatment plan/design.

Turnaround time: 4 days to design; 7 days to fabricate after design approved

Doctors should visit our clear aligner page at www.dnsdental.com/aligners for details.